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Friday, February 12, 2016

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About is a so-called "topical search engine". This means that you can find a lot of websites, all relating to one subject: Elvis Presley.

A search engine usually has one function: a user enters his or her keywords (i.e. what they are looking for), and the engine shows the websites that are related to the keywords. And does exactly that.
But, a search engine alone isn't enough. ElvisFind also offers some other useful functions. For instance, every site listed here is placed in one or more categories, so you can also browse the sites in one category, using the "Site Directory".

But, also features: the ElvisFind Scores Top 25 List. Any visitor can vote for any site listed here, and give his or her own rating for the design and the content of a site. The best 25 sites will be listed on the most popular list.

Furthermore you can find custom-made Elvis Presley wallpapers, screensavers, desktop themes and other software, you can send an Elvis e-card to a friend or join the discussions in the "Talk About The Good Times" forum. Or chat in our special chatroom.

If you register you have even more possibilities. How about creating a "hot list" of all the Elvis sites you like the best? One click away! Or you can leave your comments about sites listed on So the possibilities are endless, have fun!

ElvisFind went online on January 1st, 2000, and was received very well starting from the first day. In one year, approximately 125 sites were reviewed and listed.

On February 1, 2001, ElvisFind moved to With this change, a new design was implemented, the site was transformed into a dynamical, database-driven ASP site and more functions were added. Until this date ElvisFind looked like this:

Old ElvisFind Screenshot

Well, this is about all we can we say at this moment. But we cannot refrain from saying our official thanks to some people, who have helped ElvisFind become reality:
- Eric Ward of for his tremendous help and gratuity;
- Elvis for being who he was;
- All the webmaster who contributed by submitting their sites;
- All the visitors, keep coming back!


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