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Sunday, February 14, 2016

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What Will Be Your Legacy?

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As I was working on my website yesterday I was listening to the radio. A song came on and I started to sing along with the words. It was Elvis Presley singing "In the Ghetto." I have to admit I like Elvis very much and I am always pleased to hear his songs. I have quite a few of his albums and a little bit of his memorabilia too. The song finished and I kept tapping away at my keyboard.

After a while I switched off the radio and left my office to make myself a cup of tea. As I walked through to the kitchen I glanced at the television in the family room and there he was again - Elvis. It was one of the few Elvis movies that I have not seen over the years - "Frankie and Johnny," filmed in 1966. I watched it for a few minutes while I drank my tea. However, because it was more than half finished when I sat down, I decided not to watch the rest of it. My computer and website awaited me.

So I sat down and switched the radio on again. Within half an hour I'm mouthing the words to "Love Me Tender." By now you are probably wondering what I am leading to. Stay with me. I have a very interesting point to make.

I got to thinking - Elvis on the radio, Elvis on the TV, then Elvis on the radio again - and this was just in little old Perth, Western Australia. I then wondered how many other radio and television stations around the world would feature Elvis Presley that day. Then I marveled at how many times this wonderful singer, who died more than 35 years ago, was being listened to or watched and by how many people.

What I am getting at here is the body of work that this one man has left and the joy that he still brings to millions of people every year. Here is a man, even in death, who is still contributing to the world.

So, I ask you this. What legacy will you leave? What will you be remembered for? What body of work will survive your passing?

Get to it, my friend, write that book, sing that song, paint that picture, finish that sculpture. Do your thing, whatever it might be. Achieve your life goals. Create a legacy for others to enjoy. An added bonus is that you too will enjoy the fruits of your labour while you are still alive. You can do it. Millions of others have. Why not you? Elvis did. (Breathe in, deep voice) "As the snow flies..."

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