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Saturday, February 13, 2016

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Elvis Presley song lyrics: Never Again

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Displaying lyrics for Elvis Presley's Never Again:

Never Again
(Billy Edd Wheeler - Jerry Chesnut)

I hope I never ever love anyone this much again
I can't take it anymore, Iíve been hurt before
Never ever quite like this time

What will become of me when you're no longer here
If I can't stop loving you, what am I to do
You'll be free but where will I be

Now that Iím used to love, how can I stand alone
Now that love has come and gone, like the ending of a song
A song my lonely heart keeps singing

Where do I go from here, will I get over you
If so, next time Iíll be smart, Iíll know before I start
A heart that don't care, don't get broken

I hope I never ever love anyone this much again
Never ever, never again
Never again


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