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Sunday, February 14, 2016

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Voting Policy

Before voting, please read the following guidelines. This keeps things fun and fair for everyone.

  1. Are your votes reasonable? This is really the most important. To make this list a success we need reasonable votes. Don't give your best friend a 10 for both contents and design, because he or she is your friend... Give them the points they deserve.  In my opinion there is really no single site that deserves the top-score (not even my own! :-))
    Especially the design gives strange results. Design hasn't to do with the biggest Elvis-picture on the front-page! Of course it has to do with the overall look of a page, but even more important is the navigation around a site, as well as the speed.

  2. Do you have a little spare time? If so take the time to vote for other Elvis-sites you visit! 95% of the voters only vote for one page. A very disappointing behavior towards all the dedicated webmasters.

You can vote for a page as often as you want (e.g. in case of a major update) as I will replace the old vote with the new one. And of course you can vote for as many pages as you want, better: for as many as possible.



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