About ElvisFind.com

Our look in the launch year (2000).

ElvisFind.com is the World's Only Elvis Presley Search Engine & Site Directory and went online on January 1st, 2000. We are the only search engine fully devoted to websites, articles and other items about Elvis Presley.
The main purpose of this website is to show you the best websites about Elvis and direct you there through a search engine and site directory. A Google search on 'Elvis jumpsuits' will return 698,000 results. ElvisFind's powerful, custom-built search engine might only return 8 websites - but you can count on all 8 being relevant.

A familiar look for 16 years.

At it's height ElvisFind.com featured 453 Elvis websites. Most of them were categorized, rated and reviewed. Besides websites, ElvisFind.com featured all Elvis lyrics, a shop, downloads, e-cards and much more. The website got thousands of visitors each day and ElvisFind.com was featured and reviewed on several major magazines and newspapers, including US Today, MSNBC, The Net, Dutch national newspapers and several others. All those years, ElvisFind has been a one-man project, designed and built in the owner's spare time. But, after fifteen years, life kind of got in the way and ElvisFind got a little bit neglected. And even worse, from mid-2017 to early 2019 ElvisFind has been temporarily offline. Partly because of a lack of time but also because the technology behind the site was no longer maintainable. The only solution was to fully rebuilt ElvisFind.com, a project finally started in April of 2019. Shortly thereafter, the new hand-built, ultra-modern version of ElvisFind.com was launched.

Reviews and press

Over the years we recieved a lot of positive reviews by individuals and press. Some of the ones we are most proud of:

"It's good to have this reference site on the world's greatest and most exciting singer and performer!"
- Gordon Johnson, December 19, 2005.
"You don't need a hound dog to find Elvis-related digital info. Welcome to ElvisFind.com, which aptly describes itself as the Elvis Presley Search Engine & Site Directory. A guide to what it calls "the Elvis Internet."
- USA Today declared ElvisFind.com a "USA Hot Site!" on June 12, 2001
"Navigate your way across the Web with ElvisFind, the specialist Presley search engine. Fifty-five sites intelligently reviewed on content and presentation, all searchable by keyword. Simple, but brilliant."
-UK Magazine "The Net", awarded ElvisFind with 4 stars
"On a separate note, let me tell you how much I love what you are doing. I am a speaker for iWORLD and several other shows. I do about 12 shows a year, for about 10,000 people total, and my sessions are about topical search engines and directories. I added ElvisFind to my sessions as an example of ultimate verticality. It is fabulous, and the crowd roars when I show your site on the 50 foot screen!"
- Eric Ward, TheWardGroup.com & URLWire.com
"Really fine site. Wishing you the best of luck with it, keep up the good job. Keep rocking."
- Dickie Harrell, drummer with Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps
"I think what you are doing is just terrific and all Elvis fans, I know I certainly do, should really appreciate it. Congratulations - I know it's a lot of hard work and enormous time."
- Tom McCallum
"I absolutely love your site!! It is so informative on Elvis. I don't have to search and search for sites, you have them all listed. It's the best."
- Barbara Schuch
"A search engine devoted to everything Elvis. Whatever you're looking for, if it's Elvis related, you'll find it here."
- Suite101.com awarded ElvisFind.com with 4 stars

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