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Always Elvis Radio

Screenshot of Always Elvis Radio, a mobile app in category Radio

General information

Available on: Android, iOS

Price on Apple App Store: Free
Price on Google Play: Free
Price on Microsoft Store: N/A

Listed since: October 08, 2020

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Always Elvis Radio is one of the few online Elvis radio stations that has it's own mobile app. You can download the player on Android or iOS, for Apple devices. The 24/7 streams has a broad collection of songs. It includes live recordings, master takes and outtakes. A nice mix of 50s to 70s, as well. When listening to the stream for an entire workday, we did notice some repeats. Besides songs there is conversations in Danish. At times, famous people from the Elvis world plug the radio station. Names we heard were Red West and Linda Thompson. Make sure your phone or tablet remains plugged into a wall socket. Battery optimization will otherwise probably kick in and stop the audio stream. A few times when starting the stream, we got 2 streams that played together with a small delay.

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