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I Love Elvis

Screenshot of I Love Elvis, a mobile app in category Trivia

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Available on: Android, iOS

Price on Apple App Store: Free
Price on Google Play: Free
Price on Microsoft Store: N/A

Listed since: October 09, 2020

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Do you know what Elvis' favorite drink was? And how much he paid for Graceland? Then "I Love Elvis", a Trivia app by Demetrio Silva for both Android and iOS devices, is for you. A free app, that worked great in both our tests. I Love Elvis features excellent graphics, great song clips (both instrumental and actual) and interesting gameplay. The app features five levels, of 50 questions each. The first two are unlocked when you start playing, the other will unlock as you progress. There are questions about Elvis' career, releases and personal life. There are also quite a few questions with a sound clip that ask you to complete the song lyric. The app features an in-game money system. For every question answered correctly, you get a virtual dollar. If you want to skip a question you have to pay eight. Most questions where relatively easy, although some were beyond me. Especially some questions with the header "Personal", and then a seemingly random picture, had me confused. But all in all, I breezed through the questions. But I have to admit, this isn't too hard when ElvisFind can bring up most of the answers for you! All in all, one of the best Elvis trivia apps there is, and a delight to play.

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