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Elvis Australia

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Webmaster: David Troedson
Online since: 1996

Listed since: May 10, 2019

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Elvis Australia is an officially registered Elvis Presley fan club from Australia. This website contains an incredible amount of Elvis-related information. A quick summary: articles, interviews, CD, DVD and book reviews, Elvis news, pictures, biography and reference information, lyrics and song info, a huge online shop and much more.

Some things you can stumble upon when getting lost on this website are: an interview with Vernon Presley, rare photographs of Elvis in 1954, a video of Olivia Newton-John singing a few lines of Jailhouse Rock, a 1971 concert review with pictures and crosslinks to albums and DVD's, Presley family heritage dating back to 1494 and much, much more. And then we haven't discussed the huge lists of CDs. Or the incredibly complete listing of Elvis movies including cast members, storylines, pictures, artwork and behind the scenes. Or the number of audio and video interviews.

All information is easy to find using the main menu, the sitemap or a search function. With all this content, Elvis Australia is an incredibly valuable Elvis website.

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