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Elvis Presley Continentals

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Webmaster: Dennis DeFalco
Online since: 2007

Listed since: June 12, 2019

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Elvis Presley Continentals is one of the oldest Elvis Presley fanclubs around. It was founded in 1955 in Memphis, and none other than Elvis himself came up with the name. The club is currently operating from Florida, USA.

They have a monthly meeting, club newsletters for members and other benefits. The club's main event each year is the annual Elvis Presley Continentals Ultimate Contest and Festival. This is held in Orlando in June. They also organize a Concert Show, an Ultimate Contest and an Elvis Gospel Brunch Show for Elvis Fans. The fan club organizes several other events such as a Sock-Hop, a Halloween party and a Christmas party.

The website contains club information, event videos and announcements, club history, info about the team and the tribute artists.

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