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Socially Elvis

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Webmaster: Gareth Collinge
Online since: 2016

Listed since: July 05, 2019

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Socially Elvis is the world's first social network dedicated to Elvis Presley's worldwide fan base. To be short, it's Facebook for Elvis fans. Join now to use the timeline, forums and chatrooms. Join groups, find members or use the marketplace to buy or sell your Elvis memoriabilia. There is so much!

Over 200 Elvis fans are already a member. You can follow other fans and send out friendship requests. There are several groups to follow (like Conspiracies, EU/US/UK fans, Graceland or Is Elvis Alive?) Post your status, pictures or videos on your timeline or create your own Socially Elvis page.

Socially Elvis is available in several languages and has a great support system. So bye bye, Facebook, hello Socially Elvis! A great effort by these UK fans.

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