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Elvis Presley In Concert

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Webmaster: Francesc Lopez
Online since: 1996

Listed since: May 31, 2019

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Elvis Presley in Concert is an online concert database, built to help you find everything you want to know about Elvis' live performances (1147 listed!). You can view concert information by selecting a series, time period or specific concert. But, you can also use the search engine to find concerts by the venue, year, month, day, city, state and other attributes.

For each concert, you'll find a lot of information. Such as the date and time, venue, suit/belt/cape worn by Elvis, video releases if available, CD releases if available, group attire and tracklisting. And there are photos of the show, ticket stub photos, and reviews.

Nice bonuses on the website are sections about Elvis' jumpsuits and a 'radar map' showing all cities Elvis performed in. A feature I like best is the reviews on concerts, both original newspaper reviews as first-hand accounts. There are also reviews on live albums, both regular and bootlegs.

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