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For Elvis CD Collectors

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General information

Webmaster: Willem Kaauw
Online since: 2000

Listed since: June 11, 2019



For Elvis CD Collectors has been around for decades - or at least, so it seems. It originated in The Netherlands in early 2000. If there is any website you should visit to find out about the latest Elvis Presley CD releases, this is it. But FECC doesn't stop at Sony/BMG, FTD, import, promo and bootleg album releases and reviews. There are also book reviews, a lot of interviews (audio and text), live concert listings and reviews, (rare) photo galleries, DVD and other video news and reviews, jumpsuit information, rare video fragments and a well-visited forum.

The site is still being updated, although the design is a little outdated by now. Make sure to visit the site on a desktop or larger tablet. A must-visit website for the serious Elvis fan or collector.

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